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Ashdale Care Home offer a person-centred approach to elderly care to ensure everyone’s individual needs are met on a daily basis, through personalised care plans and general dedication and commitment from our highly trained carers and professionals.

Nursing Care

Ashdale Care Home provides 24-hour nursing care under the careful supervision of our fully qualified nursing staff and each resident has an individual care plan. Nursing care is provided for people who need round-the-clock support from experienced nurses. It could be for a person with a long-term condition or for somebody who needs specialist rehabilitation. The bespoke care plans are monitored closely and updated as often as is necessary. Where possible, we try to involve the resident and their family in the design of their care plan – it is all about respect 
and choices.

Residential Care

You or your relative may need residential care to help them with daily activities like washing, dressing, feeding, going to the bathroom, or helping them move around. Ashdale Care Home provides for mixed dependency or can provide for married couples or friends who want to stay together but have different needs. Many of our residents take full advantage of a stimulating programme of activities: gardening, baking, music therapy, even days out.

Respite Care

Ashdale Care Home provides respite care for people who may only require a short stay in a care home. Respite care is an invaluable service for those who care full-time for their loved ones, providing them with a chance to take a break from daily responsibilities.

Some residents use it as a way to trial the home before moving in full term, to see if they will feel settled and at home. The length of time residents stay is flexible and can be anything from a week to a few months. We will work with you and deliver a high level of professional care to all residents no matter how long they are staying with us.

Day Care

We offer day care for those who wish to socialise with their peers and be looked after during the day but return to their own home in the evening. The benefits of this are plentiful: allowing full time carers to rest; socialising with like-minded people and keeping the body and mind active; relieving oneself of the hassle of personal care and home-cooked meal preparation; a simple change of scene. With our welcoming staff on hand all day, individuals can feel safe and secure within our friendly care homes and enjoy a different environment to their own home.

End of Life Care

Being a resident at Ashdale Care Home is all about living the best possible life with the support, stimulation and care that is necessary to keep you being you! We believe that to live well is also to die well.

Towards the end of life, we do all that we can to uphold your dignity and to care for you in a way that you consider appropriate, both culturally and spiritually. We aim to avert crises and avoid hospital admissions at a time when you should be in the comfort of familiar surroundings, cared for by people who you know and trust. Advance care planning conducted in a sensitive and timely manner is crucial to achieving this. In situations when someone is no longer able to make decisions for themselves due to lost capacity, we ensure that these conversations take place with the nominated power of attorney in a time frame that avoids any stressful last-minute situations.

Prior to this, we will ensure that we know your preferences and wishes. This person-centred approach not only guarantees that your individual needs are at the heart of how we care for you, but that your loved ones are also cared for, welcomed day and night and clearly and consistently communicated with.

Specialist Care

Ashdale Care Home offers a skilled care environment for older people who are seeking permanent residence, short-term care or even rehabilitation after a period in hospital.

We have experience of caring for people with progressive neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis as well as for people who have suffered brain injury in the form of strokes or sustained through accident.

We are committed to offering each person a package of care that is tailor made to their needs and wishes to optimise function & thus promote independence. This care is provided by our experienced team of in-house nurses, who all have a plethora of experience in clinical and acute settings.

We also work in a multi-disciplinary way and work in partnership with physios, OT’s & Speech and Language Therapists. Furthermore, expert advice is sought from elsewhere if ever this is needed to ensure that everything is done to support the complex needs of our residents.

We can care for people who use equipment such as PEG feeding tubes, peritoneal dialysis, tracheostomy and a thorough assessment and meticulous planning is done before admission.

At Ashdale Care Home, we strive to see the person behind the illness or disability and working together to enhance a person’s dignity and quality of life is at the core of what we do.

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Ashdale Care Home’s Services

Assisted Living

We provide assisted living for those who need a little extra help with daily care, but still require independence.

Regular Activities

We offer a varied and extensive activities calendar based on residents’ preferences.

24/7 Care

We have carers available at all times of day, every day. This is useful for those with more complex care needs.


We work with residents and their families to empower them to make their own choices at every stage in life.

Trained Specialists

All our staff are trained specialists who have completed advanced education and clinical training.


We aim to deliver a person-centred approach to the care we deliver to provide the best experience for all.

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