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Ashdale life

Ashdale Life

We strive to make life at Ashdale Care Home as stimulating and fulfilling as possible

We are committed to ensuring independence, dignity and choice in every aspect of daily life.

We offer a varied and extensive activities calendar based on residents’ preferences to ensure that they can continue to enjoy the activities they love as well as having the opportunity to take up new hobbies.

From carers and nurses to activities co-ordinators and chefs, our compassionate staff are all trained to use a person-centred approach and spend time getting to know every individual in order to learn what they like and what is important to them.

Depending on the weather residents are taken around the countryside to places like Freshwater, Tenby or Angle.

Residents also visit local flower shops and charity events, so that they remain in touch with the local community. Residents even help through ‘arts and crafts’ to prepare articles for sale at charity events.


Ashdale Life

Some of the activities our residents participate in and attend

Diversional Therapy

Our activity programmes are seen as an essential part of the therapeutic relationship between individuals to promote health and well-being. The activities are varied to suit all preferences and abilities. Emotional support is not only given on a one to one basis on arrival but also if you feel isolated from group activities through a physical disability, or, for one reason or another, lose your sense of self-esteem.

Each residents’ individual experiences and preferences are considered to ensure a varied and exciting weekly timetable of activities, which is led by the clients. Bingo sessions are especially popular, to which you are free to invite relatives or friends. Scrabble is also popular. Arts and Crafts sessions bring forth a hidden reserve of talents. Physical exercise range from movement to music, to games with the beanbag and soft ball.

Outside activities cover countryside tours with tea or coffee at restaurants, Ten Pin Bowling, visits to fêtes, flower shows and shopping etc. Regular visits are made to the Theatre and to local music functions.


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